5 tips you need to know before starting a house renovation


Who has never thought of renovating a room or even the entire house? Structural problems and labor are the factors that most make renovation your house more expensive. If the person chooses to change more specific factors, such as changing the floor, roof, painting or even expanding a room, it is possible to establish a cost limit. Determining the value of a renovation is not always an easy task. To help in this task, we bring you some advices. Here are five tips that need to be considered before starting a renovation once you have the floor plan created in the best Floor plan creator tool.

Have good planning

Good planning is vital to successful reform. The tip is to put everything on the tip of the pencil, taking into account the amount available to renovate versus the estimated cost of material and labor. It is necessary to define the stages of the project and the rooms that will be renovated. Make a schedule. Define the duration and a forecast for the beginning and end of the renovation. Do not forget to also consider the location of the house, the size of the room and the number of items. To make the planning even better, download Foyr Neo, one of the best 3D home and floor designing software.

Keep an eye on the rules

An important factor to be aware of is the rules for demolition and construction of an area, or major changes in the structure, following the standard. It is necessary to have the presence of a professional that relates to technical responsibility for the work.

Is it better to renovate or demolish?

It is one of the most frequent doubts when it comes to reform. The solution to the dilemma is to do a detailed study of the house, taking into account the entire structure that can be used. When we think of an old house, with many structural and infiltration problems, the value of the renovation can often exceed the cost of starting from scratch. For this reason, it is necessary to have the entire project in view and calculate this cost.

Enlist the help of an expert

In the case of complex renovations, which require labor, material, schedule of activities and regularization of the property, the recommendation is to hire an architect or engineer to avoid mistakes. When you have the help of a specialist, you can clearly define the scope of the work. He can help you set deadlines, get greater discounts from suppliers, set a deadline for the delivery of the project, avoid problems with the structure during the work, besides guaranteeing safety and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Regularize your home during the renovation

Major reforms, such as the demolition or construction of a space, require municipal regularization. For that, the tip is to look for a qualified professional and contact the city hall of your city, to know what are the documents and the step by step of the process. With the property regularized, the owner will be able to avoid fines for unreported works, have a greater appreciation and authorization for sale or lease.

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