6 Flowers Found in India that Make Good Gifts on Big Occasions


Peace and strength come from within, but things outside our environment hold a superior place in empowering our strength. Sometimes we aren’t aware of how things around us put us in a better place and state to make an aware decision and portray a gracious self. These things that are so empowering and supportive are plants and flowers. They have magnificent godly powers beyond our realisation, and they work in subtle ingrained ways to bring out the best versions of ourselves. When such powerful almighty qualities are this close to us and to bring us to surrealism, we should not waste another second to begin walking on this road of friendship. And when they can do such selfless deeds, you can too by gifting your loved ones flowering plants that bring beauty and admiration to them too.

Find below six giftable flowers to India for your loved ones that live in the distance, if not you can give these native flowers to close one too. Make your pick from the underwritten.

  • Marigold

The marigold flowers stick to its reputation of being native to India; it can be found in almost all households, especially by fond of planting. This flowering plant grows in a beautiful shade of yellow and orange and are easy to take care for also.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a flowering plant native to the Indian weather. What makes it a popular pick is the availability of multi colours, including red, yellow, pink and orange. Not just the flowers their leaves also give a ruffled look. And they can be kept in a veranda or a Balkani too.

  • Lotus

The national flower of India requires no introduction; each one of us is aware of their beauty and radiance. Their petals in multilayers with each gradient a shade different from the other is mesmerising to look at. They are a bit on the costlier side but surely the best present ever to give to anyone.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine flower is a very fragrant one, being it’s number one quality before anything else. They are known for their beautiful white colour although you can find them in a pleasing yellow too. Their fragrance is known for their intoxicating values, don’t miss out on it.

  • Dahlia

Dahlias show maximum bloom from summer to autumn; it is the best time to buy or gift them. They require at least six hours of direct light to show a beautiful flower. They are, without a doubt, worthy of being cared for. They beautify your house in beautiful white, yellow and pink colour.

  • Bougainvillaea

The bougainvillaea is an ornamental plant with breathtaking feather-light petals. They have a transparent yet firm appearance. They are found mostly in pink and white and look the most beautiful when placed in sunlight to reflect shadow off the shiny leaves.

All flowers are great to have in the vicinity, and those who are native to the environment and weather are even better. With their growth, we see an unstoppable growth is us too. Witness the change with a flowering plant in your house from this day onwards.

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