All you needed to know about electric standing desks


Like most professionals, you probably spend hours at your desk every single day at work, sitting in the same position. This can have a detrimental impact on your body, especially your back, neck, spine, and eyes. A standing desk is meant to help in shifting between sitting & standing positions at will. There are different varieties, from ones that can be mounted on an existing desk, to mechanical ones, but one that stands out is an electric standing desk. As the name suggests, this type of desk is powered by electricity, and depending on the features, you can expect to get one under $500. In this post, we are sharing a few basic aspects worth knowing about electric standing desks. 

Are electric standing desks better than other options?

Yes, absolutely. Unlike a desk that has to be manually adjusted, an electric standing desk is designed to make adjustments as easy as possible. Some have touch panels, while others allow for height adjustment on the press of a button. You can have alarm systems, pre-installed settings and other features too. Of course, electric variants also cost a lot more than your standard mechanic electric desk, but that extra is worth paying. 

Features that matter

First and foremost, check the adjustment capabilities of the shortlisted desk and how quickly you can move between positions. For someone who is extremely tall, the adjustment range has to be decent, for them to work in a comfortable position while standing. Secondly, check if the product makes a lot of noise. One of the good things about advanced electric standing desk is the ease of use, and noise shouldn’t be a factor of concern. Check if the desk comes with a weight restriction. If you intend to use multiple monitors and have extensive load, weight restriction is something to consider. 

Tabletop and more

Some electric standing desks do not come with the tabletop, which can an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. For instance, you can get the shape of tabletop as you want, but must also spend additionally beyond the actual price of the table. Also, check if the electric standing desk has adjustment pad, if there are alarm systems, and if the brand offers a warranty on the product. For the best models, you can expect a warranty of at least a year. 

Review a few electric standing desks to find the right one. 

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