Bearings Lubrication Tips and Mistakes to Avoid


Lubricating bearings is essential to keeping rolling element bearings running smoothly and for as long as possible. Lubrication is necessary to keep moving components like rollers, raceways, or balls from rubbing against one another and wearing out. An authorized distributor of THK bearings (ตัวแทนจำหน่ายตลับลูกปืน THK, which is the term in Thai) is also available who manufactures the products and guides the people on how to use them.

Mistakes to Avoid for Bearings Lubrication

Inadequate Lubricant

The rolling parts of bearings need to be lubricated so they don’t wear out too quickly. It accomplishes this by avoiding corrosion and metal-to-metal contact and excluding impurities. Regular re-lubrication with the correct amount of grease is necessary for most bearings.

Over Lubrication

Another way to hasten a bearing’s demise is to apply too much lubricant. If you force too much grease into a bearing, it might break the seals and make the operator of the bearing hotter. Furthermore, rolling pieces start to “slide” instead of roll when there’s too much lubricant.

The Wrong Lubricant

Ensure the new lubricant is compatible with the old one before applying it. Grease incompatibilities can lead to bearing failure by increasing frictional forces within the bearing. Temperature, speed, load, machine type, and operating circumstances all play a role in determining the proper lubrication to use.

Pollutants In Lubricant

With time, all greases degrade. The oil level drops as the seals wear out, and pollutants can enter the bearing. Rust, water, and wear from the bearings are the three primary sources of damage.

Lists of Some Basic Lubrication Tips


The first thing to do is get rid of any grease, anti-corrosion coatings, or oils that may already be there. This component is crucial for removing any possible incompatibilities because of the growing importance of operational life and dependability.

Check The Amount Of Fill

If the amount of fill is correct, a proper lubricating coating will form on all contact surfaces. It is an essential step because, as we’ve already established, bearing operating life is negatively affected by over- or under-lubrication.

Find The Bearing Spaciousness

It is essential to take precise measurements of the bearing’s free space since the recommended fill quantity for grease-lubricated bearings is expressed as a percentage of this free space.

Run-In Operations

When using high speeds, certain pre-loads, and fill quantities, running the bearing and lubricant is essential to ensure their performance in the application. Authorized Distributor of THK Bearings provides the best operations for better performance.

Although it may seem simple, adequately lubricated bearings can be rugged and involve following particular instructions.

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