Grey and Yellow in Makeup: How to


The Pantone Colors of the Year this 2021 is a pair: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. If you take them separately, you may not feel like they have any impact, which is probably why they are better together. With grey, you get a base that works with anything depending on the undertone, and the yellow adds a vibrant accent to anything you design.

How does this work on your makeup? Here are some suggestions:

Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes, which have been in the makeup arsenal of cool party girls, can get a 2021 makeover with the use of grey and yellow rather than the darker blacks or browns and a brighter color to complement. Here, you’re using a shade of grey that complements your skin tone for the outer wings of your eyes. Choose a lighter gray or a gold hue as the middle shade, and choose a yellow that you’re comfortable with. The secret is choosing shades that will register well on your skin and on photos so that you will not feel like you’re wearing a gimmicky look. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to choose from deeper yellows to lighter ones. And of course, make sure the yellow and gray meet in the middle with an intermediary color of your choosing.

High Fashion

If you’ve seen fashion shows and magazine spreads, you’ve probably noticed that the makeup looks they wear are not exactly for everyday use. Still, they can be your inspiration when it comes to mixing the mild gray with the youthful yellow. Instead of choosing three shades for your upper eyelid, cover your lids with yellow, up to the brow bone. Be precise with your strokes and clean up the lines to get that polished look. Then, use grey to define your lower lashes and end at the high point of your cat-eye, taking care to be precise as well. You can be more intense with this look if you’re having a photoshoot or attending an event, but for everyday looks, you might want to just use the yellow on your eyelids and get an ash-toned eyebrow makeup for sale for the grey part.

Gray Hair Glam

If you’re not comfortable wearing a combination of grey and yellow on your makeup, don’t worry. This is not the only way to wear the colors of the year. If you love changing your hair color, you’ve probably dreamed of going silver. This can be the gray component of your look, and the yellow can be on your eyebrow makeup as well. Choose to go with fun, endearing light yellow, or go with a more noticeable and mature beige or dark yellow. This will look best if your hair is pulled up in a loose bun, with loose strands framing your face beautifully. Dress in your comfiest outfits and voila! You’re all set.

You don’t need to go with a ridiculous combination just to wear grey and yellow in your makeup. They may seem like difficult colors at first, but you can temper them with your personal style and color ratios.


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