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The following terms and conditions are followed to apply Alexander spark and its website To learn more please read these terms and conditions carefully. By using this, you are to be bound by these terms and condition.

Copyright and Ownership

The website and all its content (including images, logos, and graphics, documents, and software, audio and video files) are the sole property of Alexander sparks and are therefore protected by Trademark Laws and the U.S. Copyright and international copyright laws. No part of the Alexander sparks site may be reproduced, transmitted, linked or distributed in any way by a third party. They are sole owner and distributor of all items displayed on its website and has the exclusive right to use Alexander sparks details as it deems appropriate. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) this deals with Any possible copyright infringement.


Alexander sparks is a trademark and may not be used for any defamation or malicious intent and also cannot be used for any products other than Alexander sparks. Any misuse of Alexander sparks trademark shall be lawfully permitted as their trademark is protected by trademark laws.

Website Use and Diamond Certificate

You may be allowed to use only for non-commercial purposes. Any attempt to use the website for any purpose other than the foregoing shall be permitted. All of their diamonds come with a GIA or AGS diamond certificate (also called a rating report).It must be accompanied by the original diamond certificate in case you would like to return your diamond. Customers returning diamonds without the original diamond certificate will face a $ 250 replacement fee.

Product Availability and Price

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the item to be in stock again in case the jewelry item you want to order is back. Due to the large number of orders, a piece of jewelry may end up in stock before it appears on the website. In such cases they will contact you immediately to discuss other options. Alexander sparks reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Any inconvenience cause by this they feel apologize.

Possible Website Price Errors

Perfection is among the top priorities of Alexander sparks and they do their best to prevent any possible mistakes from occurring. However, sometimes errors occur due to grammar or typographical errors. Alexander sparks will correct any price errors at the time of the incident; no incorrect prices will be honored. In the event that the price listed is lower than the actual price, they will contact you regarding the price change prior to shipping or cancellation of the order.

In the event that an inexpensive jewelry item is already shipped, you agree to pay the difference in price or return the item. Alexander sparks reserves the right to change prices whenever they deem it necessary and without prior notice. All of their prices are negotiable and final. They apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the event of incorrect or changed prices. To get any further information please contact the Customer Service Department.

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Your Account

All activities under your account and password are your sole responsibility including keeping account and password confidential. If you access the Alexander sparks website from a public computer or share your account information with others, Alexander sparks will not be able to violate any potential privacy violations. Under the supervision of parents or guardians minors are allowed to use the Alexander sparks website. Alexander sparks reserves the right to deny service, edit or delete conflicting content, terminate accounts or cancel orders at its sole discretion.

Comparison Purchases Not Allowed

You are not permitted to purchase several identical items for the purpose of storing your favorite and returning some. If this happens they reserve the right to refuse a refund for more than one item. And they don’t put your preferences on hold / placement. If you need help deciding which one is best for you, please call the Customer Service Department for advice or assistance.

Conflict of Non-Conflicting Diamonds and Ethical Filtering

Alexander sparks ensures that all their diamonds are acquired morally and environmentally in accordance with the Kimberley Process and the Patriot Act. The same methods they have for diamonds extend to their precious metals. They maintain and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, and none of their products are associated with any violation of human rights in any way.

Product descriptions and information accuracy

To provide you with the best shopping experience, Alexander sparks strives to make their online catalog as accurate and complete as possible and as comprehensive as possible. However, sometimes the color and size of the products displayed on their website may differ slightly from the product color and size due to the flexibility of the computer screen setting. Their photos and videos of their products are always larger than their original size to reflect high detail and clarity. The total weight of a diamond can vary by 0.05 carat from the listed weight, depending on FTC rules and industry standards. The diameter tolerance is 0.20 mm for wedding rings and 0.25 mm for pearls and precious stones. Please carefully review the product page for each item before purchasing with specific measurements specified in millimeters and weight of diamonds or gemstones.

Third Websites

Their website may show third-party ads and links to third-party websites, for which they are not liable. Alexander sparks has no obligation and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by third parties, you access third party content at your own risk. It’s all yours.

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