High-Quality Vinyl Can Make The Flooring of Your House Last A Decade


Vinyl flooring is nowleading the flooring market for almost a century, having been developed to replace the linoleum. Vinyl became the first resilient flooring material. Vinyl is especially the material of choice when it comes to the most moisture-laden places in your house like the kitchen and bathroom. Vinyl being water-resistant is also very easy to maintain.

Also, it is comparatively a much cheaper option and also requires less spending on frequent repairs. PVC or poly-vinyl chloride is a synthetic resin that can bind to the fibrous core to form composite vinyl flooring with a tough upper layer. Good thickness and a sturdy wear layer are what make for a long-lasting vinyl floor.

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Types of vinyl flooring

  1. Composite tiles:
  • A composite tile is composed of many layers of crushed limestone, some filler ingredients, color pigments, and thermoplastic binders.
  • When these elements are fused, solid sheets are produced, which are then cut into the form of tiles.
  • It still requires routine polishing and is thus, a little higher maintenance than other forms of vinyl flooring.
  1. Sheet vinyl:
  • This type of flooring is formed from vinyl polymers laid down in continuous sheets.
  • There is a digital film layer on its surface due to which many design patterns exist in the sheet form of vinyl flooring.
  • It is also covered with a protective top layer which makes it resistant to damage. Thus, making this flooring an easy maintenance material.
  • Its installation is comparatively more expensive than composite tiles, but the maintenance expenses are almost negligible.
  1. Luxury flooring:
  • This one is gaining popularity recently.
  • You can find luxury vinyl in the form of planks or tiles.
  • PVC composites and limestone are mixed to create a material having a solid thickness.
  • It is quite rigid but still maintains a limited degree of flexibility.
  • It is quite cost-effective even though its initial expenses are much higher than the other two types of vinyl flooring.

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