How to get medical devices online?


Having medical devices readily at home is rather important and beneficial. It is useful for self monitoring and for early self assessment before reaching out for medical attention. However, there are a lot of different medical devices from different manufacturer brands, pricing of a wide range. Hence, choosing your needs and purchasing trusted products is a common challenge for all while browsing the internet.

How To Get Medical Devices Online?

One reliable approach is to make purchases through the official websites of some well-known medical device manufacturers. Some of the examples are Metronic, Johnson and Johnson, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, ASEANMed and many more. Though, making orders from official websites may be costly.

Nonetheless, there are also numerous ecommerce platforms available in Malaysia. Getting medical devices through these platforms is also a good choice, yet you need to make sure the product of your choice should be Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia approved. MDA is in charge of enforcing medical devices rules and registration in the market, making sure no foul products which may not function properly. You should always check and choose the MDA approved products.

Alternatively, getting medical devices through Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) licensed medical ecommerce websites, such as DoctorOnCall is a great decision. All medical products offered on the sites, including medical devices and medications, have been filtered and counterchecked before sale with reasonable tags. All medical devices are approved by MDA, are able to function and show promising results. This method should save you time and prevent you from spending unnecessary money.

What Are The Medical Devices You Can Get?

Blood Pressure Monitor

It is critical that you check your blood pressure at home if you have been diagnosed with hypertension. This way, you can ensure that you are taking your prescriptions appropriately, that you have more precise data on your blood pressure, and that you are consistent in your treatment. Because it is simple to use and totally automated, the blood pressure monitor collects your data and maintains track of your health condition at all times.

Digital Pulse Oximetry

This equipment is crucial at this time of COVID outbreak. It is a little gadget that looks like tweezers and is used to press on a finger. It monitors the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as the heart rate. After a few seconds, its screen displays a figure that, under normal conditions, should represent a range of percentages between 95 and 98. Some people can take lower readings, but until the percentages are below 92 percent, there is no need for concern. A shortage of oxygen in the blood results in a loss of oxygen in tissues and important organs.


Diabetes mellitus can be easily monitored with the use of a Glucometer. This gadget aids in the monitoring of blood sugar levels in those who have diabetes mellitus, showing the control of blood glucose level. Pharmacies provide a variety of brand selections. They have a slot for tiny disposable test strips and a screen that displays blood glucose measurement. It is accompanied with a device for inserting needles to prick the fingertips, producing a blood droplet that is deposited on a test strip to work.


Thermometer is used to detect fever, enables you to analyse and measure your body temperature, allowing you to contact a medical expert if necessary. A medical thermometer is much more vital for a pregnant lady, youngster, or newborn baby.


This device helps children and family members with congestion, exhaustion, and coughing. Oxygenation equipment can be life saving for an asthmatic or fatigued patient. This gadget aids in the treatment of patients suffering from severe heart and lung diseases by preventing congestion and oxygenating the blood outside of the body.

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