How to have a good time in Melbourne


For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne is a huge city in Australia.  It’s very pretty there, with lots to do.  There are also lots of people from the USA and Canada living there, but the accents sound different because it’s Australia and not America or Canada.  Here is a list of things you can do when visiting Melbourne:

– Visit the Aquarium

– Go shopping at all the hip shops on Brunswick St., aka “The Brunny”

– Catch an AFL game at Etihad Stadium (the local footy stadium) – Mention that you have been to Etihad Stadium so everyone knows how cool you are

– Have lunch/brunch at one of the many cute cafes in Fitzroy

– Enjoy a nice day at the wildlife park where you can pet kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and other furry creatures without being mauled or arrested by an Australian animal control officer.

– Visit the Eureka Tower observation deck to have a great view of Melbourne from up above.  You will feel so high up that you may develop acrophobia (fear of heights) but it’s totally worth it because there are lots of cute boys in Australia.  Eureka Tower is the tallest structure in all of Melbourne – everyone will be super impressed when you tell them about your visit to this awesome tower!

– Warning: Make sure any skyscraper or tall building has an observation deck that you can visit or you will look like a total idiot to the Australians.  Make sure any tall building has an observation deck before you head down there!  Otherwise, what’s the use?

– Visit St. Kilda Pier and watch all the cute guys with their dogs playing frisbee on the beach.  This is basically ground zero for hipster boys in Australia so don’t miss out!

– Go to Luna Park – it’s not scary at all but pretty fun if you want to go on some rides!

– If possible, go during White Night when all of Melbourne turns into one big art magazine/art gallery/street festival with lights, music, food stalls, artists selling stuff, and more.  Everyone will be dressed up in crazy costumes and there is a chance that you might get punched/kicked by an artist but it’s all part of the White Night experience.

– Visit Crown Casino if you want to see where rich people go to gamble and drink expensive champagne.  It’s basically like any other casino except it has even fancier slot machines than Las Vegas!

– It may or may not be legal for you to visit a sex shop while on your trip to Melbourne – consult with your travel agent about this before heading down under!

– Eat as much sushi as possible at Boat Noodle, aka Boat Pho, located right near the aquarium (wherever that is).

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