Joining a Private Country Club? Here are a Few Things You Must Check


Imagine spending your weekend afternoons relaxing in a grand lounge or playing cards with people of similar interests. Sounds magnificent, doesn’t it? Country clubs indeed seem like a good idea, till you have to pick one.

After all, you don’t want to shell money into some place that won’t even meet your expectations. A club is no good if you cannot pursue your hobbies or participate in occasional tournaments.

To find your ultimate social centre in Florida, you can simply type “private country club in FL” online and check the resulting options.

However, don’t just head on over and sign for the membership. From 9562 golf courses and private clubs in the US, you should find the place that will suit you best.

By that token, here are five points to keep in mind.

List Down the Essential Amenities

Look beyond the vast green golf course stretch. An ideal country club will also provide other facilities like a resort-like spa, pools, or physical therapy centres. Here, you could visit anytime and go for a swim or opt for a relaxing massage.

Also, consider the requirements of your family. If your kids are enrolled in athletic activities, you should look for a place that offers them a safe space to practice without any hindrance.

Additionally, if you are an avid dancer or a reader, look for a ballroom or a library, respectively.

Type of Membership Offered

Most private clubs offer a range of membership deals you can choose from. Different types come with varying benefits and access guidelines. Some commonly found offers are for families, individuals, out-of-state, corporate, and social settings.

You will be allowed to visit the club frequently or once in a while, based on the amount of money you are, in fact, willing to spend. Some places might also limit certain members to specific daylight hours on weekdays.

Focus on the Location

Needless to explain, the club should be close to your residential address. It will help you plan spontaneous golfing trips or pool-side afternoons in the future without driving for a few hours.

Also, check how convenient it is to reach there during peak traffic hours and park your vehicle. Even better if the place is near a beach or park, to provide you the much-needed break from city noise.

Put the Community First

Remember, one of the primary goals behind joining a country club is meeting new, like-minded people and socialising with community members. However, that will seem quite impossible if there are only a few events to attend each year.

Check if the place has a fixed social calendar. Ideally, you should be able to find weekly meetups, game nights, happy hours, pet fests, etc.

Meet With Other Residents

What better way to know more about the place than talking to the current residents? When you visit the club, indulge in a conversation with people you find.

Ask them their opinion of the various facilities offered. In this case, you are more likely to receive raw, unfiltered reviews.

Final Words

Spending money on golf courses or swimming pools regularly can leave a big hole in your pockets. In such cases, it is better to get a one-time country club membership and avail of benefits for a long time.

Besides, if you are looking for a club in Florida, type “private country club in FL” online and scroll through the options.

However, consider a few factors like membership deals, community events, basic amenities, and location before finalising any place.

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