When To Choose A Condo Over A House In Thailand?


Deciding on renting a house, buying a condo, or renovating a condo can be overwhelming, but you will need to consider it carefully. Each of them will have its benefits and disadvantages, but it all depends on your lifestyle and how you want to live. Renting an apartment can be a good option when you do not have enough finances, or you do not want to hurry in investing purchase a house. But rental homes have short term commitment. Hence you will have to leave the house after the agreement gets over. Purchasing a home gives you complete privacy and ownership of the property, but it requires a large amount of money and a place that gives you peace. However, getting a good location Condo (คอน โด ทำเล ดี, which is a term in Thai) gives you the feel of a house and harmony but at a much lower cost. Keep reading further to know when you can choose a Condo over purchasing or renting an apartment.


The condo gives you the advantage of not worrying about the maintenance as it gets taken care of. You will get to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and panoramic view with the change in seasons. You get to save your cost and time by living in a condo.

Enjoy The Amenities Provided To You:

When you’re purchasing or renting an apartment, you don’t get all the amenities in your place for free, for instance, a theatre, gym, pool, garden, and others. But with a Condo, you will be living almost a luxurious life with everything we just mentioned, and you can enjoy it all at low cost and nearly for free.

You Get To Live In Prime Locations:

When looking to purchase a house, it is difficult to get in a prime location due to limited financial budget or unavailability at these places as they get filled up quickly. But you can always find good location Condo at prime locations. And these locations make the condo worth the investments as their returns will be much higher in the coming years than you imagine.

Build A Community And Develop Social Bonds With People Around:

If you do not like socializing, then a condo may not be the best option for you as you will get surrounded by many people living right beside the wall. But if you enjoy meeting people communicating, and being in a community, you can find and build yourself.

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