7 Features to look for in Dedicated Server Hosting Plans


Dedicated server hosting is for websites that require the ultimate in performance, security, and control. Before finalising your dedicated server hosting plan, zero in on a service provider that operates with the best technology to host your website. It is best to compare different dedicated server hosting plans in terms of the features being offered and choose the best one. Some essential features to look for in a dedicated server hosting plan are:

  • The Operating System

An essential feature to look at in your quest for a dedicated hosting solution for your website is the freedom to select the operating system of your choice. This is important because the applications operating for your business have to be defined for an operating system like Windows OS or Linux. Ensure that the hosting services provider is including the enabling of your dedicated server to operate on the operating system as per your business needs. 

  • Servers with Advanced Capabilities

When looking for a dedicated server hosting plan, choose the one which includes servers that are designed to support all your requirements. Buy hosting plans from a service provider offering custom-built servers using the latest open source technology like OpenStack. This feature allows the flexibility to upgrade server performance over time. Servers with advanced capabilities support Secure Shell or SSH access, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases and email. Choose a hosting plan that allows you to customise your htaccess files, cron jobs and php.ini.files.

  • Root Access to Servers

A hosting plan that offers root access to the server should be preferred over the one that does not offer. Go for a hosting plan that includes a cPanel option that offers you full access to the operating system, giving you complete control of your server. The cPanel-based interface makes it easy for you to manage all your websites, domains, emails, and resources from more than one central location.

  • Security Features

An essential feature to look for in your dedicated hosting plan is the type of security being offered. Look out for features like firewalls, malware and virus prevention, and DDoS protection. Another factor to consider is the location of the servers. Check whether the hosting service provider is offering high-quality storage configuration by using RAID software that ensures that your data is well protected and safe.

  • Server Management

A hosting service company that efficiently manages its servers for continued good performance should be preferred for hosting your website. Regular services like operating system updates, continuous monitoring, and the updating of server functions should form an essential part of your hosting plan.

  • Customer Support

The type and the quality of customer support that comes with your dedicated server hosting plan is a must. Go for a plan that includes 24/7 support through phone, e-mail, and chat for the timely fixing of any problem with the server. This is all the more important if you cannot afford to have your website down for even a few minutes.

  • Backups and Restoration

What happens if all the data on your website gets lost? You can easily restore it if you have a backup on a server other than the main server. Look for hosting plans that include regular and automatic off-site backups thereby ensuring that your data remains safe and can easily be restored if required.


Check out these features when you required a dedicated server in India and are looking to buy hosting for your website.

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