All You Need To Know About Q-Switched Laser


The C6 laser technology provides a systematic answer to remove sunspots, freckles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Health Canada has certified C6 laser as a top-tier technology for skin rejuvenation. With this technology that is also referred to as Angel Whitening Laser Toronto, skin rejuvenation became simple, secure, and flawless. The laser can develop and treat several skin-related concerns with non-invasive energy waves.

How does it treat?

To rejuvenate the skin, the C6 laser is used. The spots are evaluated in advance so that the patient can get a maximum value. The laser can treat your face, neck, hands, and chest.

A session is completed in about 45 minutes and further 5-6 sessions to be conducted as required with periods of 3-4 weeks. After the first series of sessions, patients will be welcome to attend further services.

This is a noninvasive therapy that does not cause pain. Using volumetric bulk heating, collagen-building is optimized, and healthy skin development is initiated. Patients feel tingling during the treatment. The professional offers a mild topical anesthetic to relieve sensations in the region if needed.

C6 laser tech is considered an outstanding laser, which does not harm the tissue at any stage of the treatment.  It operates all skin colors and tanning. For patients who wish to revitalize the skin, this is a convenient and efficient therapeutic solution.

Post-Procedure Recovery

The post-procedure recovery process is a gentle one with C6 laser tech. The laser neither pervades nor does long-term damage to the skin. An expert offers several guidelines on the day and shows how this will be done.

A patient will generally be allowed to return their everyday life as soon as they want to do.

The professional provides you with a gentle cream to soothe your skin if needed. In most cases, the patient does not show any redness symptoms and can proceed as needed. This is one leading advantages of this technology.


The full effect of this procedure comes in two to three months. With continuous progression in the coming months, most patients will begin to see improvements immediately.

The expert would have a variety of advice to make the procedure easier and improve performance. This is available in the treatment kit after the surgery.

To start, get in touch with our clinic and visit one of the town’s leading specialists as soon as possible. This is your chance to get good, aesthetic skin!

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