Hair loss is medically referred to as alopecia. Losing hair is a harrowing experience that most people have to undergo throughout their lives. When you begin to lose hair, you start to panic and look at various methods to combat it and save the remaining hair that you might have. There are multiple reasons why you might be facing the problem of hair loss. Visit a Hair Loss Clinic Toronto whenever you start to experience hair loss. They will be able to determine the cause behind it. Below, we have listed some of the common causes of hair loss.

Genetic Predisposition

One of the most common reasons for hair loss is genetic predisposition. According to statistics, 2 out of 3 men will experience hair loss before they turn sixty. Such kind of hair loss impacts men more than women. Hence, this type of hair loss is popularly known as male pattern baldness. The hair loss could begin as early as the teenage years or early twenties. The hairline begins to recede along with the temples, leaving behind window peaks, or hair loss follows a horseshoe pattern, which leaves behind hair only on the sides and the base of the hair remaining on the head. Whereas in females, this hair loss is termed androgenetic alopecia. In females, there is no receding hairline. However, you might begin to notice thinning of hair and widening of the parting.

Age as a factor

With age, one begins to notice various physiological changes set in. One such change is loss of hair. This change usually begins by the time one reaches their 60s. With age, the hair follicles also age, which causes their deterioration, which causes hair loss.

Physical and Emotional Stress

The stress of any kind, be it physical or emotional, has been associated with hair loss. The various causes of stress can vary from a traumatic accident to a serious sickness. Irrespective of the cause of the stress, it is a contributing factor in case you are experiencing hair loss. Once your body has recovered from the emotional trauma or physical stress, new hair would start to grow and become noticeable soon. It is crucial to combat stress.

Pregnancy and Menopause

Hair loss can be caused by both pregnancy and menopause. In relation to pregnancy, women start to experience hair loss once they have delivered the baby. This type of hair loss is temporary. You would begin to see new hair growing back in a couple of months. If you start to experience hair loss during this time, don’t panic. It is a normal and common side effect of pregnancy. Women who are undergoing menopause also experience hair loss. This is due to the changing hormonal levels. Hormones have an impact on hair loss. The hair loss that one goes through in menopause might not always be temporary. It is best to get a consultation and know what you can do to combat hair fall.

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