An Overview of SIG Factory Parts


Whether you are building a custom P365, P320, or MPX or simply looking to upgrade your pistol’s functionality.

SIG Sauer is the gold standard for semi-automatic handguns, typically recognized for its double-action, single-action hammer-fired pistols.

Parts Types

SIG factory parts offer many options for repairing, maintaining, and upgrading your firearm. From sights and slide stops to barrels, triggers, cylinders, and hammers, you can find what you need to complete the repair process.

SIG is a leading firearms manufacturer with a reputation for producing reliable, rugged, and accurate guns. It is also renowned for its innovative designs that offer hard-to-beat tactical utility.

Customizing your SIG P320 with many aftermarkets with SIG factory parts for sale allows you to customize the gun to fit your shooting needs. In addition, it helps you get the most out of your SIG P320 by increasing its accuracy, weight reduction, ergonomics, and recoil management.

Parts Descriptions

A wide variety of factory sig parts are available for your SIG-marked firearms. 

Whether you’re looking for the standard magazine release or a relocated mag release, a store can have the correct SIG factory parts to get your SIG gun back up and running. We even offer specialized parts, including locking inserts for the P220 series.

While some manufacturers are moving their production offshore, SIG maintains the production of a wide variety of components at its facility. For example, they use laser welding on steel magazines and robotic automation to align stamped blanks for assembly.

The company can meet U.S. military contract requirements while overcoming inspection challenges and increasing collaboration across departments. Its 3D measurement technology, called ATOS, is helping it to identify issues earlier and communicate them more efficiently.

Parts Pricing

SIG Sauer is known for their high-quality firearms and accessories. They design and engineer their components to the highest standards, meaning you can count on the parts to function flawlessly.

The company also takes safety seriously, testing its products before and after release to ensure they meet or exceed user expectations. It also practices what it preaches by offering an impressive line of firearms training classes through its SIG Sauer Academy.

SIG is also a leader in the fire control unit (FCU) game, which allows you to swap your slide and grip modules without ordering a new firearm. The FCU houses 99% of the gun’s internal components and includes several key features, including a trigger, sear, and safeties. Several companies are now producing an array of FCU-equipped firearms and accessories.

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