Aftercare Tips For Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers may brighten teeth for dental patients who are unsatisfied with the way their smiles look. To improve your smile, these cap-like shells are put on to the front of the affected teeth.

After receiving veneers, you will want to maintain the appearance of the new look. Contact a dentist in Lakeview, Chicago, to learn how you can enjoy the lasting benefits of your porcelain veneers.

Taking care of your porcelain veneers

  • Pay attention to your bite

Your dentist will make adjustments to the porcelain veneers to make sure they exactly match the particular size, shape, and color of your smile. Although dentists polish veneers to give them a natural-looking sheen, becoming used to having veneers on your teeth might take some time.

You should inform your dentist if, after you return home, you discover that your porcelain veneers appear loose or misaligned. Asking your dentist about modifications for the best cosmetic result is advisable since incorrectly fitted veneers might result in tooth problems in the future.

  • Do not bite hard items.

Due to the regular wear and tear that your teeth get, porcelain veneers have been designed for long-term use. However, excessive pressure might damage your veneers.

This is the reason why you should never bite down on anything hard, like your fingernails, ice, or the end of a pen. If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, you need to report this to your dentist. To protect your tooth veneers from possible grinding when you sleep, they might recommend you to use a mouthguard overnight.

  • Practice good oral hygiene.

Although veneers resist stains, decay, and a variety of dental problems, preserving the health and hygiene of your teeth is vital for ensuring the long-lasting cosmetic benefits of veneers. To maintain good oral hygiene, you should keep brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing each day.

Another vital part of a healthy oral hygiene routine is routine dental cleanings. Dentists recommend scheduling these visits every six months. Your porcelain veneers may create a strong foundation that will enhance your look for up to fifteen years if you take proper treatment of your teeth and gums.

  • Reduce or quit smoking.

Before considering dental veneers, it is essential to stop consuming tobacco products or smoke. This is because consuming tobacco-related products and smoking can have a negative impact on your oral health, leading to tooth fading, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Furthermore, it can make it tougher for your dentist to put the veneers correctly. If you are serious about having dental veneers, you have first to stop smoking or use less tobacco.

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