3 Benefits of Using Polyurethane for Product Packaging


If you are an entrepreneur, marketing manager, or someone involved in the product packaging section of a business, you must have realized the importance of proper packaging of a product. Even as a customer, you understand that if a product’s packaging is not right, you might ignore the product and move on to the alternate option. Hence, the first impression of a product is always dependent on the packaging, both in the case of design, functionality, and protection. And this article will focus on the protection part of the packaging and mainly on why businesses use polyurethane foam in Houston, TX, for better safety.

In 2019, The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that Houston MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Area) GDP is $512 billion. And this makes the metropolitan city the seventh-largest in the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, several FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) gadgets and home appliance businesses are coming up in the city, driving the demand for polyurethane foam packaging. 

What Is Polyurethane Foam?

It is a packaging foam created by mixing two chemicals. The chemical reaction causes the foam to expand quickly, making millions of air bubbles that stay open as it stiffens to its last stage/form. Finally, you get a sponge-like, flexible material that compresses and cushions as you apply pressure. Meanwhile, the air can easily pass from cell to cell, making it shock absorbent. As such, polyurethane comes in different densities, and you can choose the one which suits your product.

The correct packaging material will protect the products in transit, and that’s why businesses depend on polyurethane foam packaging. And if you want to understand how polyurethane foam packaging became popular among the manufacturers, you shall read the three main benefits of Polyurethane foam packaging, and they are given below:

  • Protects the Product Effectively

If your product needs packaging that can create cushion-like support and can absorb shocks, polyurethane foam packaging is the answer, as it will not be damaged during the shipping process. This type of protection is essential in fragile electronic and exquisite products which could break or deform when they experience shock or pressure. 

Almost all businesses utilize foam packaging to protect their products from the time it is picked up from the manufacturing plant until it reaches the customer’s home. And that’s why several businesses prefer polyurethane foam in Houston, TX.

  • Best Lightweight Packaging Solution

Before the popularity of polyurethane, the biggest problem in packaging was the cost, weight, and size of the packaging material used. And the issues were:

  • Packaging material is too hard that it affects the product inside.
  • Weight is more than the product; hence more shipping charges.
  • No adjustable size/unable to cut the strong material for different products.

But when polyurethane was introduced to the industry, all these issues vanished. The foam can be molded/bent or cut easily, and it is lightweight and strong enough to protect the products.

  • Customized Packaging

As mentioned in the previous point, polyurethane can be molded to suit the requirement. As such, there are different densities of foam that can be used as per the requirement. And these foams will show different levels of resistance to shocks and pressure. Colouring and designing options are also available in this material. Overall, this material is the perfect packaging solution for all products.

These are the benefits of using high-quality polyurethane foam packaging for your products.

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