BBQs 2u Ends This Year with Exciting Deals and Offers for Customers


Weekend barbecues are becoming common in UK homes. In Siberia, the barbecue party never stops even in zero temperature. They go out, clear the snow and start the party. This is what Britons have learned this year. This was analysed after looking into the increased sales of barbecue grillers and accessories as well as excessive demand for frozen food. Christmas and New Year Eve are add-ons for the barbecue thrillers.

BBQs 2u has seen rapid increases in their sales not only for grills but also in their accessory’s collections. The portable Kamado Joe grill has made remarkable sales during the festive season. Even if its snowing, people are excited about grilling on their patio, near the window, and indoors near the fireplace.

The BBQs 2u sales team was overly busy with the never-ending orders placed online by Britons. Those who had the Kamado Joe Big Joe were still buying the small Kamado Joe portable for their indoor parties. the team was stressed out with hard work, but overly excited to see how people were accepting the pandemic situation, but were also enjoying every day.

The BBQs 2u company owners are also passionate about barbecue, so they keep uploading the latest news and contests on their social media page to keep their customers thrilled. Recently they launched a Kamado Joe Classic Sale as a Christmas deal. The deal included £100 off and free Kamado Joe accessories along with every Kamado Joe Classic 3 standalone.

The Kamado Classic 3 is now available as separate product including the newest innovation, the revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert. The standalone feature allows customers to install it in any space indoor or outdoor. Standalone means, without side table or cart. Many other websites offer a free accessory package with Kamado Joe classic 3 to attract customers.

However, BBQs 2u is honest with their clients so they have already mentioned on their website that there is no such gift, but the accessories come along with the grill.

In the UK, people are barbecuing more than ever before. This has motivated BBQs 2u to always keep their customers pumped up with new deals and offers. Their Kamado Joe BBQ Sale has kept has increased the sales for the product overnight. The deals on the KamadoSpace Infinite Island table and Kamado Joe classic 3 have increased the demand during the festive season.

The KamadoSpace Infinite Island deal ends midnight on 31st December 2021. It is the best sales of the year for all those who are looking for the huge Infinite Island for their Big Joe. Customers get £300 off and gifts like Thermopen One instant-read thermometer, block charcoal, wood chunks, and Meater Mitts.

This year has been great for BBQs 2u and any others in the barbecue industry. It is great to see that they want to end the year with a blast. Whether it is a deal on Napoleon grills, Ooni pizza ovens, Kamado Joe Grills, or Masterbuilt Gravity series, BBQs 2u never fails to bring a smile to their customer’s face.

People can subscribe to BBQs 2u’s YouTube channel to check the latest news and information on grills and barbecues. Or follow them on any social media page to avail exciting gifts and offers.

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