Avram Grant Talks About The Maturing Role Of Philanthropy In Healthcare


With people recognizing the failures of the healthcare system, the momentum for reform in the healthcare sector grows. Philanthropists and social service organizations are playing a constructive role in reforming the system. Avram Grant also gives his reasoning as to why foundations and philanthropists should be engaged in this process of reform. 

Redefining Health Care Philanthropy 

Conventionally, health care philanthropy has been in the form of charities and volunteer opportunities. Every now and then hospitals and healthcare centers introduce internship programs where students volunteer to work. However, it is now time that healthcare corporations move to more long term philanthropic priorities. Their priorities must be linked to the key beliefs that encourage shareholders and result in a positive social change. 

Mission-driven Philanthropy 

Healthcare plays the biggest role in any society and therefore they have the ability to significantly affect the community positively. According to Avram Grant health care organizations should invest in the infrastructure that is essential to foster and monitor community health along with well-being. Past studies and researches reveal that the health care ecosystem has a noteworthyinfluence on outcomes. With healthcare philanthropy the healthcare costs are driven down while staying attuned to the healthcare organization’s mission. 

Philanthropy in healthcare offers organizations with the opportunity to use advanced technologies with conventionally disadvantaged people. With improved monitoring capabilities with encourage community engagement while promoting personalized care and effective costing. Additionally, such corporations invest in research development which shall prove to be immensely beneficial in the long run. A sustainable approach is necessary if organizations want to commit to societal progress that brings about a lasting change. 

Employee Engagement for Positive Impact 

When we talk about healthcare philanthropy we often forget the real players i.e. the healthcare team. This healthcare team includes doctors, nurses, therapists, ward boys and social workers etc. Avram Grant reveals that a focal component of employee engagement can be found in corporate philanthropy. In this regard the philanthropist goes on to explain that healthcare sector is rich with such corporate philanthropy opportunities. 

Philanthropy can be very rewarding and gives you that inner peace and satisfaction. It is in the human nature that helping others gives you more gratification than doing good for yourself. This also reflects when we talk about workplace environment. Employees are more satisfied when their employers strike a balance between economic success and social and environmental objectives. 

The times that we live in corporate social responsibility is a big thing and the focus has changed from purely business activities. When employees are involved in philanthropic activities and social initiatives their productivity increases as they see themselves not only progressing professionally but personally also. Taking part in skill-based volunteer programs for many employees has been critical in them finding their job meaningful and purposeful. 

Alternative Healthcare Philanthropy Models 

In order to be more innovative successful healthcare corporations look for philanthropy models that are different from the conventional ones. These corporations want to focus on both sustainability and scale so that they maintain their efficiency while holding their position in the market. 

Lately corporations have started adopting strategic resourcing partnerships that function at communal level. For instance some healthcare providers in liaison with third party aim to reach the underserved through community organizations. These community organization are in close contact with local healthcare workers, government departments and policy makers which makes them highly productive. 

Final Thoughts 

With there being an evolution in the healthcare industry with the latest technologies and research organizations are taking a shift. The leaders in this industry are seen expressing the importance of serving the society and benefiting the community at large. Such initiatives don’t just benefit the community but the funding organizations also reap the benefits. It sets them apart from their competitors and gives them a greater edge. 

Additionally, such activities inculcate employee satisfaction thereby increasing employee retention. It also gives these organizations the reputation of a philanthropist contributing to the good in the society. It gives the impression that the organizations are sharing their profit with the society. 

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