Custom-Made Headboards – A Lot Of Design Ideas To Consider

Custom-Made Headboards – A Lot Of Design Ideas To Consider

Are you thinking to change the entire look and feel of your bedroom? A custom-made headboard is what you can go for! While readymade headboards are available in the market, they don’t exactly meet your requirements. Custom-made headboards can transform your dull bedroom ideas into a classic and one-of-a-kind custom design.

In this guide, we’ve put together different headboard design ideas to help you make the right decision.

Wall Mounted Headboards

Whenever you begin thinking about custom-made headboards, you’ll want to make sure they fit your space accurately. If there is not enough space in your bedroom, a well-mounted custom-made headboard could be the solution. These headboards are directly mounted on the flat wall and can easily be taken down and put away. Wall-mounted headboards usually come with a wooden or metal frame that is attached to the wall with the help of screws.


  • Offer a minimal and clean design to your bedroom.
  • Can be customized to fit your needs and styles.
  • Less expensive than other types of headboards.
  • They can easily be removed whenever needed.

Bed Frame Mounted Headboards

Many homeowners want to add more versatility to their bedrooms. And this is where bed frame-mounted custom-made headboards can help.


  • These headboards can be easily attached to the existing bed frame.
  • Once screwed correctly, you can move around this all-in-one bed frame set up easily around your space.

Freestanding Headboards

As the name implies, freestanding custom-made headboards stand directly on the floor just behind the bed head. As these headboards are very mobile, giving you flexibility with space. Some freestanding headboards can stand alone without any extra materials.


  • Freestanding headboards can magically transform both your bedroom and bed by adding a visual touch.
  • They are a very good option if you are short on space.

Traditional Headboards

Traditional custom-made headboards are usually frame-mounted. One of the biggest benefits of traditional headboards is that they can be made of several colors and materials to meet your needs and style.


  • Can be customized in any way to suit your needs.
  • Traditional headboards are ideal for the home featuring European-style décor.

Custom Wall Panel Headboards

Panel style is another great option for custom-made headboards. They tend to usually have two or three panels with the center panel to be larger than the side panels.


  • Custom wall panel headboards can complement every bedroom style.
  • Vertical panels can create a higher ceiling look whereas horizontally striped panels can make your bedroom look more expansive.
  • If you have a smaller room, a custom wall panel headboard could be the solution!

Contemporary Headboards

Does your bedroom feature clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and smooth surfaces? A contemporary custom-made headboard could be a wonderful choice to consider.


  • Contemporary headboards can give a sleek and sophisticated look to your bedroom.
  • To add textures to your contemporary designs, linen, velvet, or leather are some of the best materials for contemporary headboards.

So, these are just a few of the many design ideas for custom-made headboards. Choose the one that fits your bedroom the best!

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