Few SEO habits that you should try to avoid


Search Engine Optimisation has become a major cause of concern among all digital marketers these days. Everyone is trying to create an excellent online presence for their brand using SEO. If you have a good SEO strategy, you are likely to get your website ranked above your competitors on popular search engines like Google. However, sometimes we tend to mess up with our SEO habits as a result of which our search engine rankings drop suddenly. So, here we are going to discuss some of the SEO habits that you must try to avoid while building an SEO strategy for your website.

1 Choosing quantity over quality: One of the most common SEO habits that all marketers should avoid is using quantity over quality. Be it anything starting from content to backlinks, it is always better to go for the quality. Having a few backlinks from quality sources is much better than filling up your website with useless backlinks. The same goes for content. Having a few amazing pieces of content is way better than loads of content that are of no value to the users. You can also run a free serp check on your site to check the effectiveness of the content that you post on your website.

2 Being inconsistent: This is another aspect where people mostly go wrong. When you start your website, you are mostly consistent. But as time goes, you begin to lose your consistency. Posting content just once or twice a week and cause a severe blow to the SEO rank of your website. Gradually, people will start losing interest in your website and they will no longer visit your website for more content. As a result, the bounce rate will increase and there will be a downfall in your website ranking. So, you must make it a point to post content on your website every now and then to keep up the interest of the viewers.

3 Not doing proper research: One habit that most marketers do is creating content without doing proper research. This isn’t enough to drive traffic towards your website. You should always carry out in-depth research before you actually decide to post content on your website. You can also take the help of various SEO tools that will allow you to create relevant content that people would actually want to read. Whatever you post on your website should be informative. It should also be of some value to your readers. You can also visit to know more about the various SEO habits that you should try to avoid.

4 Neglecting the technical aspects: When it comes to SEO, you must never neglect the technical aspects of your website. You must optimise the pages of your website to the best of your abilities. You must also make sure that your website has a very fast loading speed. The website should also be optimised for mobile devices. People should be able to browse through the pages of your website from both mobile devices as well as from their computers. You should also optimise the redirects. This will definitely increase your chances of ranking well on search engines.

5 Not being aware of the latest trends: SEO habits are always changing and this makes it extremely important for you to keep up with the latest SEO trends. Not knowing the current SEO habits can be detrimental to the success of your company. You can also hire a digital marketer for this purpose. A digital marketer is well aware of the SEO trends. The digital marketer can then design your SEO strategy based on the latest SEO techniques.

And these are some of the SEO habits that you must always stay away from. You can also go through this seo reference guide to know more about the popular SEO tips and tricks.

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