Richest Casino Players:


Casino is one such game that if works in your fever can make you really rich and affluent within a very small period of time. The history has seen such players in the past and still remembers their name with great glory and vigor. If you envisage yourself as one of them it is important to learn about them and understand how they became such big names in the field of casinos. It would be really wrong to say that all of them rose to fame only through luck and that none of them had any skills which helped them move the casino forward. Casino is one of those games which can make you a king or pauper in a span of only a day. Sounds interesting right?

The richest players in the history of casinos:

Some of the most affluent and well known names in the history of casinos include:

  1. Sam Farha: Known to have a net worth of more than one hundred million, he is a very well known Lebanese poker star. He is known for his cool tactics and brainstorming strategies that make the opponent go silent for a few minutes.
  2. Bill Benter: He is most often addressed as the richest player in the current casino world. Most researchers believe that Bill makes more than a hundred billion dollars every year and the number keeps on rising. Not only is Bill a good casino player, but is even known to be a prolific mathematician.
  3. Andrew Black: Andrew is a well known bridge pioneer and has won millions by just mastering in this one genre. He is often regarded as a prodigy particularly due to his well known gaming skills and tactics.

If you too aspire to achieve these one day, start playing in online portals. is a good and authentic source to start playing in.

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