HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – An Impressive Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Kingston made an entry into the mechanical gaming keyboard market with the HyperX Alloy FPS, a sturdy and reasonable no-frills full-sized gaming keyboard. The company has chopped off that number pad from the keyboard and transformed it into the Pro version, a tenkeyless compact model for LAN party enthusiasts and tournament players, or anyone that essentially needs a keyboard with a smaller impression.

Design and Features

The Reliable Hyperx Alloy Fps Pro design is the same as HyperX’s other keyboards, with the keys placed on top of a flat metal deck. FPS Pro’s metal layer appears to be a bit thinner and the base beneath it is plastic, however, there’s a steel frame within. The resulting feel is solid and firm with a lot of weight: nearly two pounds. It’s a significant amount of weight for a keyboard this small. 

You’ll locate a smaller than standard USB plug for the removable, meshed USB link around the back. Indeed, that is little USB as opposed to miniature USB, which is a kind of bummer. Most purchasers of electronic gadgets like the top best motherboard have moved to micro-USB, and it is ideal to utilize those cables with this keyboard if you needed to.

Controls are essential as well as limited. Press the Fn button (spotted on the right side between the Menu keys and Alt) and hold down F6-F8 to control media playback, F9-F11 to change volume, and F12 to aid game mode (which inactivates the Windows key).

Like the other HyperX Alloy keyboards, the FPS Pro has red LED lighting, which is one reason it’s more affordable. You can press the Fn button and utilize the arrow keys to switch between five brightness levels as well as six lighting styles: consistently on, wave, breathing, FPS, trigger, and blast.


Cherry MX switches are a top choice among gamers for their feel, responsiveness, and durability. However long you choose a switch type that meets your preferences (red, brown or blue), you’ll be more than happy with the Alloy FPS Pro’s key action. The key caps are shaped well and full size, with a delicate scalloped arch on a smooth finish.

Final Thoughts

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro gets the idea from an essential mechanical gaming keyboard, houses them in a smooth steel casing, and customizes Red Backlighting. It’s a durable little board that is ideal for keeping it in a backpack on your way to a LAN party. 


Lee Russo

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