Leveraging your capital like a pro trader


Traders believe the concept of leverage is a blessing as they can place substantial orders without actually risking capital. While brokers offer numerous advantages such as demo account, leverage is relatively popular. Most begin with as little as 10 dollars and operate in a micro account. With this amount, making this profession profitable is hard. This is when this notion can change the fortune. For those who don’t know, this is a tool that allows clients to take bigger risks than deposits based on the ratio.

For example, if a broker allows 200:1 leverage, you can risk 200 dollars for every 1 dollar in account. In this article, we will explain if this strategy should be implemented in live trading. Any misunderstanding can affect career growth in Forex. Read this guide attentively before you decide to get rich by using this method.

This is helpful for small investors

We can understand depositing dollars in a new industry can be uncomfortable. The majority like to test out with the smallest account possible. After gaining confidence, investors want to scale up their orders but instantly capital might not be present. This is why novices like this idea. They find out the best deal and open an account. Whenever they feel confident, this would be implemented to make a fortune. Professionals who deal with lots of money may not understand but every dollar is hard-earned by the traders. Before doing, make sure you know the risks because failure can take away all the capital. The losses get bigger also with this option not only the rewards.

Best for experienced individuals

As they have prior involvement, they can use this opportunity better. However, we are not saying beginners should be deprived. Novice has more curiosity than analyzing and choosing the best option. It is easy to get carried away. If you are thrilled, wait few months. Within this period, you are expected to know the situations that one has to overcome in the ETF trading industry. But remember, while using the leverage, you should be extremely careful about the risk exposure. Find more info about leverage trading account and learn about the margin call. Unless you can deal with the losing trades in an effective way, it is better not to trade with a high leverage trading account.

Easy to implement but tricky to control

Greed can overtake the mind while trading. Finance is critical as human nature is to make money as much as possible. The community wants to make a fortune but after discovering the opportunities, many lose control over minds. They begin to place orders without thinking of the future. Soon they lose the balance. To recoup, reinvest, and trading with leverage feels like the right strategy. Never let your emotions take over. Maintain a schedule and always follow the regulations. If your mind is trying to overtake the decision making ability, stay away from the market.

Excellent when certain about trends

Only fee individuals could afford to deposit substantial balance. Most start their career with a micro account. If someone has faith in strategy, he should use leverage to make money. Investors need to certain about the volatility and after having proper analysis, it is up to them whether they consider using this tool. Have a backup plan whenever leverage is being used. People only want the profit but seldom prepare for failure.

This article cannot provide the ultimate advice because trading differs from person to person. Based on history, leverage has been profitable if used properly. You need to be confident and invest money to get rewards.


Leverage is a blessing for retail traders. But using too much leverage can be deadly for inexperienced traders. Before you start taking big trades based on leverage trading account, learn to manage your trades properly. Develop your risk management skills so that you don’t have to trade with heavy stress.

Lee Russo

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