Read This to Know How Bargain Auto Transporting Pricing Works


When you contact shipping companies to ship your car, brokers may promise you a low price for your shipment that most of the transporters may not be willing to accept.

In bargain for auto shipping, the broker will happily share with you the entire insider industry secrets for helping you to ship your car at the lowest possible price within a timeframe.

Ship a Car, Inc. can also offer you to choose bargain pricing while shipping a car from California to Florida by working with an innovative transporter company that is committed to offering you a great experience by implementing a certain revolutionary approach that will work to deliver your car by asking lowest cost possible.

Cost factors for bargain auto transport

As you know auto shipping prices are constantly going to be in the flux state. Bargain auto transport can change its prices based on the following few things:

  • Condition of your car
  • Customer flexibility about date and location
  • Locations for pickup and delivery
  • Transport distance
  • Time of shipment
  • Transport type
  • Vehicle size and weight

Your car shipping prices can also be affected by seasonality, route, and how brokers are going to handle the bidding process.

Coverage options for bargain auto transport

Only insured carriers will be used for bargain auto transport. The car shipping company will need that its drivers must carry liability coverage of $1,000,000 and an additional amount of $100,000 as cargo insurance.

Bargain auto transport will also be a certificate holder for all insurance policies.

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Bargain auto transport services and features

The following are a few pros and cons of bargain transport service:


  • Perfect customer reviews
  • Low prices
  • No-cost cargo insurance


  • No instant online quote will be offered
  • $100 listing fee

However, bargain auto transport service can offer one of the best prices for this kind of business. Therefore, you can always take benefit of its lower rates for quite a few car shipping services:

  • Enclosed transport
  • Open transport
  • SUV transport
  • Van transport
  • Pickup truck transport
  • Luxury vehicle transport
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Antique car transport

Why bargain auto transport is recommended?

With bargain auto transport service, you will be able to set your price. Just imagine that you are bidding on any piece of art in an auction where the owner may whisper in your ear a few tips to get the lowest price.

Exactly that is the way, this bargain auto transport also approaches for pricing. It will help you choose a date and also the route that is most likely will attract low bids.

Since your bidding process will decide your car shipping prices, few brokers may quote you a too low number that mostly they know drivers will not bid on. Then they will turn around and again jack up your price that is a bit higher amount, any carriers may be ready to accept after you have agreed to pay that and work with them.

However, with this kind of dealing, all the combination of affordability as well as transparency that you will be able to see is virtually unbeatable.

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