The importance of first aid in the workplace


People working in different industries containing dangerous things need well-equipped first aid kits and professional first aiders. This issue encourages individuals to take training of Erste Hilfe Kurs and apply the skills in emergency at the workplace. The kind of training directly depends on:

  • the location of a company (the distance between the company and a hospital, how much time you will need to get there)
  • the number of people working (the number of visitors can be also added to the list)
  • the types of hazards presented at the workplace

Some workplaces should have one first aider for fifty workers, in some cases, it should have one for every twenty-five.

Providing first aid in the workplace

A professional first aider must assist the injured person. In other cases, much damage would be caused to the victim. Relevant knowledge of erste hilfe kurs München hauptbahnhof is of top priority. The preparatory drills for employees should be also taken into consideration. They need to know how to perform first aid and act in the emergency. The workers should be acquainted with the following:

  • cases when first aid is necessary (how to call for specialty help, how to reach the facility)
  • the location of a well-equipped first aid kit and of well-organized room for applying health care options (this has to be organized and planned to grant the safety of employees)
  • the location of healthcare facilities around the working area (telephone numbers and working hours of the hospital must be listed)

Learning the workplace

Qualification and preparation of first aider directly depends on the location of the working object. Important information about the area is beneficial to organize a first aid room properly and equip first aid kits with efficient tools. In terms of first aid, they can straightforwardly differ (coal miners appeal to one medical equipment in case of emergency, biochemicals appeal to others).

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