What Causes Ice on an Air Conditioning?

  • Reduced Cooling Agent

If your cooling agent, AKA freon or R-22, is low, you may have a leakage. Reduced refrigerant decreases the pressure in the system, which additionally causes reduced temperatures as well as lower quality air. This can cause ice to form on the Air Conditioning’s evaporator coil.

Service: Have a certified HVAC professional repair work the leak as well as charge the coolant.

Avoidance: Have your AC unit evaluated as well as serviced every spring to catch possible troubles and see to it has the correct amount of refrigerant.

  • Dirty Evaporator Coil

A dirty evaporator coil can trigger ice to form on your air conditioner because it restricts airflow via the device. A dirty coil can likewise make the AC utilize more electricity, triggering damages to the compressor.

Service: To stop your air conditioning system from damaging down, closed the system off up until the coil is replaced or cleaned.

Avoidance: Clean the evaporator coil regularly.

  • Mechanical Failure

Wiring, a damaged fan, broken valves, kinked cooling agent lines, or a blocked drainpipe can all cause your main cooling system to freeze up.

Service: Have certified licensed contractors examine and repair the system.

Avoidance: Routine maintenance of your heating, as well as cooling systems, usually in fall and spring, will decrease the danger of these problems.

  • Restricted Air Movement via the Air Conditioner Device

In order to function properly, the air conditioning system depends on air streaming with the system. Inadequate airflow reduces the temperature, causing the AC unit to panic. Airflow can be restricted by dirty air filters, blockages, closed vents, or leakages in the ductwork, or something blocking the outside system.

Service: Depending on what’s restricting the air movement, you may need to transform your air filter, tidy your ductwork or fix your duct.

Avoidance: Change the air filter once a month throughout heavy-use times like the summer season, as well as think about having your ductwork sealed.

  • Outside Temperature Level is Cold

Air conditioners weren’t made to be utilized when the outside temperature is below 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Service: Shut Off the AC unit to permit it to thaw.

Avoidance: Switch off the AC unit during the night when the temperature is predicted to be in the low 60s or reduced.

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