Breaking Down Su Moon Entertainment Talent Management Company


Su Moon Entertainment is a talent management company that was formed with Chiante C. as the Talent Manager and Marco Stefano as the Company Manager. The talent management and entertainment company was created to assist with managing the career of one specific entertainer. They offer a range of unique services, including the maintaining of an entertainer’s career via talent management and booking. Some of their offices are in New York and Los Angeles. 

The Company Manager has a broad list of responsibilities, including business management goals, objectives and growth. They might also implement plans and strategies to promote the attainment of goals. It’s also important that the company has the adequate resource to complete activities, which might require strategy development skills. Stefano will oversee the work of employees at, Su Moon, and makes sure they continue to focus on the company’s vision. He will also write reports and might represent the company in possible conferences, events and meetings. 

The Talent Manager will assist the Company Manager with the scheduling of acts and marketing. Chiante C. will deal with payroll responsibilities, utilize and train staff. Other job duties consist of evaluating talent and delivering pitches to prospective clients. She might also conduct performance management and watch out for trends in the industry. Some of these trends could include social video, streaming services, cloud gaming, podcasting, etc. 

The business official website will feature a host of their own press releases that may focus on job opening annoucements. Most of these opportunities are targeted at creative individuals who think outside the box and have a passion for the industry. Potential clients can also submit callback requests for business inquiries, which will be reviewed by employee members.  This form is not for talent reservations. The site may link to other published press releases on other publications; magazines, journals, etc. Job openings and project annoucements will be announced on these sites and linked to Su Moon Entertainment’s official website. Hopefully, Su Moon will build relationships within the industry and expand their network of contacts.

All of Su Moon’s employees will assist with goal planning/setting, creating and releasing promotional materials, scheduling meetings and identifying career opportunities. Effective time management is encouraged by creating strategies and finding productive moments. Some promotional materials may include marketing products for events, video creation and marketing, content marketing, custom corporate gifts and social marketing.  The company might also act as a third party or bridge between other members of the industry and clients. The staff at Su Moon will also work diligently to negotiate deals or contracts if possible. 

Entertainment companies usually offer a broad range of services in television, music, concerts, telecommunications services and live concerts. There are a few who are niche players, however, Su Moon is a full-service entertainment company that support traditional and new methods of marketing and advertising for their entertainer. Within the next two years, they will focus and grow their brand management techniques using enhanced different platforms.  


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