Why Choosing a Private Cord Blood Bank is the Best Option


Choosing a private bank for your newborn’s umbilical cord makes sense to those who want the extra assurance that they are doing everything they can to keep their child healthy. You will certainly have no regrets years after making this wise investment. Your child or their siblings or even one of you could still need this blood in the future. Read this post to know if you should choose private cord banking.

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood can save your baby’s life. It has stem cells that can imitate all blood cells and treat medical conditions, harming the blood and immune system. Stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood can treat leukemia, sickle-cell anemia, and certain cancers.

Transplant patients can obtain blood cells from bone marrow, umbilical & placenta, and peripheral. However, umbilical cord blood is more likely to match with the patients, requiring stem cell treatments. Since you can collect umbilical cord blood at the time of the birth, it causes no pain or discomfort to the baby or the mother.

Treatments involving umbilical cord blood have been more successful than other similar therapies. Consecutive research by clinicians and scientists spanning over ten years has led to significant improvement in the outcomes of cord blood transplants. Consequently, doctors can identify better dosages of cord blood and choose better matches. The supportive care for the patients, getting transplants is also on a significantly improved side.

According to medical research and modern therapies clinicians, cord blood seems to be promising for the success of future medical procedures. Studies about learning more ways to use blood cord for treating other diseases are still under process. Some medical universities are using their patients’ cord blood in trial treatment for patients with cerebral palsy. There are also other trials underway for treating Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and autism.

You will always be able to access your baby’s cord blood if you pay a private bank to store it. That blood will only be available to you and your family members and nobody else can use it. If learning about stem cells interests you, visit to know more about it.

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