The different types of low loader trailers


Low loader trailer is a type of trailer which is mainly used for the transport of heavy machinery. It has a low working platform with a high range of 400mm to 1200mm. This is also referred to as low bed truck, lowbed trailer, equipment transport trailer, machinery transport trailer, etc. The high in case of working platforms for low-loader trailers depend on the equipment to be transported and the loading capacity of the trailer. If you are looking for a loader in Kulim, check out low loader Kulim.

Types of low loader trailers

Normal type low loader trailer

The normal type low loader trailer is the most common type of low loader trailer. It has a loading capacity of 20-80 tons. This loader trailer comes equipped with two to four axles. It is equipped with spring ladders for machines like excavators, wheel loaders transportation. The high of the working platform varies from 1000 millimeters to 1200 millimeters.

Heavy-duty type low loader trailer

The heavy-duty type low loader trailer is similar to a standard low loader trailer. The only difference in the case of a heavy-duty low loader trailer compared to the standard low loader trailer is that the heavy-duty one has a capacity from 80 tons to 140 tons. The heavy-duty type loader trailer is a very cost-effective low loader trailer. It is usually used in countries where they do not have special requirements on the axle load as well as in the off-road working environment.

Dual lane axles low loader trailers

The primary differentiation point of view in the case of the dual lane access low loader trailers is the axles. This trailer is equipped with a short axle. Each of the lines has two short axles, which have eight sets of tires and rims. Search types of loaded trailers are used for the transportation of superheavy equipment. The working platform length is designed as per the machines that are to be transported, exposed tires, or covered tires.

Detachable loader

This is a particular type of loader trailer which does not have ladders on the rear location. This is basically a front-loading type low-bed trailer. This trailer has a shallow working platform which usually extends up to 400 millimeters. The design is built for super heavy equipment transportation. These loaders can transport equipment weighing up to 200 tons. Lowbed trailers have a width of 3000 millimeters to 4000 millimeters, and the length is usually from 16,000 to 17,000 millimeters. These loaders are generally custom designed as per the requirements of the customers. If you are thinking of getting the services of low loaders in Penang, check out low loader Penang.

Extendable loader trailer

This is a special type of loader trailer specifically designed for the delivery of oversized cargo. These loader trailers do not have ladders because they are only used for heavy equipment transportation like wind travel transport. These loaders are usually of two different types. They are either width expandable, or they are length extendable.

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