Beauty Resides In The Gut Of The Spectator


The quality or summation of qualities in an individual or thing that fascinates senses or pleasurably glorifies mind and soul.

How has society molded it in some way?

Society creates certain expectations of perfect experiences. According to society, girls and boys should sustain certain parameters to fit in the tag of “being beautiful,” which are slim and toned body, tall height, white skin tone, etc.

How these standards are a serious toll on your mental health.

People are focusing and investing time more on physical appearance rather than on their skills and inner talent. No one is actually bothered about qualities that will accompany them till their death beds.And this is not a problem only with the adolescent age group; people between 18 to 35 also judge on the basis of weight, height, skin tone, etc.In this course, the ones who fail to fit in these standards face depression, anxiety, negative self-image, and are unable to love themselves. Due to this, girls and boys isolate themselves causing their life filled with bad memories and no social skills. Some people get so obsessed with these standards that they end up ruining their careers and life.

Being fit is not the goal; being unrealistically fascinating is— one of the prominent reasons

Yess!! This is the reality in order to match the fake world boys and girls, especially the youth, precautionary cross boundaries. Fat and short heightened ones, instead of aiming to be fit, adopt forge methods to look slim and toned. They start taking adulterant supplements, pills, drinks which can have worse effects on their body. These steroids increase the risk of kidney failure, stones, and heart problems.The ones who’re dusky and brunette knock on the doors of beauty creams and makeup to match the crowd, which has long-term side effects and skin allergies.

What are actual beauty and pleasurable qualities?

The real beauty resides within a person, and that is the immortal pleasurable quality. Self-confidence, courage, determination, passion, positivity, intelligence, patience, talent………and many such never-ending traits a person is born with. Whether it be short, tall, black, or white, can attain these in fact, have these somewhere hidden inside. This innate beauty rather helps you to lead your life than physical appearance, which is momentary.Visit to clear your misconception regarding beauty.

With reference to A very famous sonnet, “If Thou Must Love Me” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, which says that:

A person should be loved for love’s sake and for who the person is rather than how the person smiles, how the person walks, how the person looks etc. The ones who love you, respect you, cherish you for the way you look will stop doing once you grow old and ugly. So, never rely on a person who judges you on inches and color.

Camouflaged qualities lead to unending stories!

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