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Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most accepted and appreciated social media platforms at present. And why not? It has everything that you need to be both entertained and engaged all at the same time in a single platform. Coming with an amazing algorithm and quite enough flexibility accompanied by strict community guidelines and attractive features, Instagram indeed deserves the hype it is served duly with. The stories featured on Instagram are especially super in demand.

But sometimes you find a picture, a video, or just any other interesting thing in someone’s story and you wish you could save it in your camera roll. But unfortunately, Instagram has an option to save your own story, but not of others. So, what do you do? Install an external instagram stories viewer to help you with it. Such apps and mechanisms don’t only allow you to download Instagram stories but also have several other features and you must look into them too.

  • Browse through your favorite app but don’t reveal who you are

Sounds fun right? Almost like an invisibility privilege. And truth must be admitted, this experience is no less than that! You can not only browse through the app and explore the page but also engage with the Instagram handles of several people you know or don’t know without them knowing that it’s you. Your view will be considered anonymous and hence will not be displayed on the “viewed by” panel on Instagram. Cool right?

  • Helps you to download any content out there, not only stories

It’s not always stories that you may find immensely interesting and wish to save them for later, but there are several posts, reels, and IGTVs too that hooks your attention. Then why should you limit yourself to downloading only stories? Such apps generally help you with it all and are absolutely secure.

  • They have inbuilt search features

Do not think that browsing through Instagram using a foreign app might be cumbersome and the portal and interface might not be as smooth as the app itself. Here, with these apps, you enjoy all such luxury too! Just like Instagram, you get to search handles of people and businesses and hashtags and consume endless content.

  • How about some analysis?

How about knowing some exact features about an account you like on Instagram to aid you in building an account with similar features for yourself? Well, what if you are told you can actually do that too, with the help of these apps? You can now use their given data regarding their particular statistics on Instagram that evaluates and performs a thorough analysis of their profile, their likes count, the number of comments, and their follower count progress too. And with this tool, you can be well familiar with every nook and corner detail of their handle.

And that is exactly how useful this Instagram Story Downloader app can be for you to save whatever pleases your eyes and heart on Instagram. Accompanied by all the cool features that are probably too good to be true, this app tagged along with Instagram is just a tap away from being your favorite social media combo. And what exactly do you need to tap on? Of Course the install button of this app!

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