Is There Any Difference Between Aviation And Piloting?


Piloting and aviation fall into the same career field, so it can be pretty confusing for many people to tell the difference. However, aviation and piloting fall into different training realms, and the certification differs extensively. Many enthusiasts don’t know which career field to pursue because of the similarities of both careers. Obtaining offline and online pilot training in both areas requires a high level of investment, which is why you need to be clear about which career field is more suitable to your needs.

When you choose to register for online pilot training, you need to hold a post-secondary degree to receive your pilot certification. On the other hand, aviation covers a large area of careers; aviation technicians, air traffic controllers, and several others and only need a high school diploma or its equivalent to gain access. That’s not where the difference stops; pilots are trained by instructors approved by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This approval process can be online and offline, and there are a series of flight training programs you can take. Piloting also requires getting an ATP certification from the FAA before you’re qualified for piloting airline planes. You can achieve this certification once you complete your offline and online pilot training.

Aviation programs are quite different, they can carry out their training while on the job, and you can simply take entrance exams to qualify for the certifications. Aviation programs are primarily focused on the technical part of aircraft. Sometimes, it is required that aviation technicians hold mechanic certifications before they can work on the plane. The two career fields differ extensively. While piloting is focused on operating and flying aircraft, aviation programs are focused on the maintenance and repairs of aircraft systems and aviation equipment.

Once you pass your aviation course in piloting from a reputable aviation school or complete your online training, you need to get your piloting license, pass your medical test and examination to become a pilot. The same goes for aviation students; you also need to pass your exams, and you’re good to go. Both career fields are advantageous, satisfying, and comes with prestige. However, while pilots travel the world, aviation students are more grounded and keep the aircraft and airport in top-notch condition. Whatever career choice you choose to go for, they’re both fascinating and inter-related. You can conveniently take online pilot training to get your pilot certification and license.


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