8 Great Places to Eat in West Jakarta for Culinary Lovers


Among food lovers, West Jakarta is known for its Chinese restaurants. This is reasonable considering West Jakarta’s reputation as one of Jakarta’s China Towns. However, this area doesn’t just have a Chinese restaurant.

Here, there are also several other places to eat in Jakarta that are no less interesting. The taste of the food at these food places is very delicious and is perfect for you foodies. So, what are these places to eat? If you want to know, let’s just look at the list from Wandering below!

  1. Casa Pasta

If you are pasta lovers, then we highly recommend this delicious place to eat. Some pasta menus are served at this restaurant. Some of the mainstays are: fettuccine carbonara, aglio oglio, spicy carbonara, and arrabbiata.

You can get all the pasta here with a budget starting from IDR 20.000. If you are interested, please just come to Meruya Selatan Street Number. 99A, West Jakarta.

  1. Coca Suki Restaurant

Want to taste meatballs and seafood with a unique taste? If so, I think this place is perfect for you to visit. This place to eat on Jalan Raya Perjuangan serves various types of meatballs and seafood. Interestingly, the meatballs and seafood are combined with Thai spices, making them taste delicious.

The Thai touch is not only in the food. The interior of this room is also thick with Thai nuances, so you feel like in an authentic Thai restaurant. This place is very comfortable and suitable for having fun with the family. Before coming here, you should book a table in advance, so that you and your family can get a table here.

  1. Talaga Sampireun

If you are familiar or maybe even a lover of Sundanese food, this restaurant is very suitable to visit. This restaurant located in the West Outer Ring Road Cengkareng has some Sundanese specialties. One of the mainstays is the Kepiting Terbang, which is now in great demand.

Sundanese-style nuances will be felt when you eat at this restaurant. This is because the dining area here is in the form of a typical Sundanese hut. Interestingly, several huts or dining areas are located right on the outskirts of a man-made lake.

  1. Waroeng Spesial Sambal

Warung Special Sambal serves some chili sauces, which of course tastes special. Some sambal menus are presented here, with different levels of spiciness. Not only that, several side dishes such as chicken and catfish are also available here. The good news is, you can buy all the menus for IDR 20.000. Wow, really affordable huh?


  1. Cafeteria

Although it has several food menus, this eatery is suitable to be a to-go-place to drink. You see, here the drink menu is more prominent and, of course, delicious. One of the mainstay drinks here is Koko Monster with toppings that will make you drool. How not, in a large glass of this drink, you can find delicious chocolate, ice cream, and chocolate biscuits.

Although the drinks are the mainstay, the food here is also not inferior. If you don’t believe it, you can try the Crunchy Mushroom Rice Bowl menu, the gacoan menu here. When you eat this food, it is guaranteed that you will feel the sensation of crunchy fried mushrooms combined with fried onions that have been drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Hmm, you drool already, aren’t you?

  1. Layar Seafood

Want to eat delicious seafood in West Jakarta? Just come to Layar Seafood restaurant. Layar Seafood located in Pesanggrahan Raya street has many seafood specialities. Interestingly, you can choose the fish yourself, when ordering the seafood menu here.

One of the mainstay menus here is the layar-style fried carp. This menu is a combination of fried carp poured with layar seafood’s special sauce. If you eat this dish, you will surely feel the sensation of mushy and crispy fish meat, as well as a touch of delicious and distinctive sauce.

  1. Dolar Shop Resto

From the name, you might think that this is a dollar store or money changer. This is one of the best places to eat in West Jakarta, you know. Amazingly, here serves not only delicious but also healthy and hygienic food. All the food here is homemade and is claimed to be cooked without adding MSG.

Noodles and meatballs here are two of the top menus. Both menus are made with natural ingredients, so they are guaranteed to be healthy and safe. To make it more delicious, the two menus are given an additional 20 types of dipping sauce that you can choose according to your style.

  1. Soto Betawi Haji Mamat

Soto Betawi Haji Mamat happens to be one delicious place to eat Soto Betawi in West Jakarta. The taste of the soto here is very delicious and very typical of Betawi.

In addition to a place to eat Soto Betawi, this place is also suitable for holding meetings. This dining area has a special air-conditioned room equipped with a glass whiteboard which can accommodate 12 people.

That’s a good place to eat in West Jakarta for you food lovers.Ready to start your getaway to Jakarta? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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