Earning Miles has Become Easy Now


Do you think flying is the only way to earn miles, and you have to pay a hefty fee to be part of the elite club? Well, a lot has changed in these programs now. Mentioned in this post are five ways these mile programs have become more accessible to every kind of traveller or even a non-traveller. Keep reading.

Frequent flyer or air miles programs have evolved over the last few decades. Today these programs have become accessible to everyone. While easy entry into the program rewards occasional travellers, their tier or level upgrades rewards, those who use these programs more frequently. A lot has changed since these programs first started. Some programs have slowly progressed into becoming a travel and lifestyle reward program rather than just limiting to frequent flyers.

Let’s look at 5 things that have made it easy for travellers to earn miles in these programs.

  1. Join for Free: When the mile program had started in the early 90s, most of them were paid-programs or carried strict rules regarding using the miles within a short deadline. This made these programs feasible only for the frequent flyers, with the not-so-frequent flyers missing out on the benefits. However, today most programs are free to join. Moreover, miles’ validity lasts much longer, making them accessible to both frequent and occasional flyers.
  2. Earn from Multiple Airlines: Most mile programs back in the day were launched by airlines, and you had to stick to one airline if you wanted to earn miles consistently. With time, mile programs started including alliance partners of an airline to accommodate the needs of travellers. Today, some programs let you earn miles from a wide range of airlines, giving you the freedom of choice like never before.
  3. Earn from a Wide Range of Travel-Related Transactions: Not so long ago, the only way to earn miles was by flying. However, today programs allow you to earn miles from a wide range of travel-related transactions. From booking hotels to cab rentals or even tour package can fetch you a considerable amount of miles.
  4. Lifestyle and Rewards: If you’re travelling, you’re mostly going to visit a spa or a salon. Moreover, you’ll be eating at a restaurant or shopping at a duty-free store. While you earlier earned miles on booking flight tickets or even booking a hotel, you missed out on the opportunity of being rewarded for spending on many other transactions. Not anymore. Some programs let you earn miles by including lifestyle activities into their scope as well. This has made earning miles a breeze for travellers or non-travellers as well.
  5. Daily Needs: Do you shop online from the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, etc.? Well, now you might be able to earn miles on your daily shopping or even ordering food or even filling fuel in your car. With a mile program like that, you don’t need any other program to help you earn points or rewards. Moreover, some programs offer co-branded credit cards, which allows you to earn miles from every rupee spent through the card.

Not just earning but spending these miles has become easy too. While you can earn and spend miles on international flight booking websites, you can also use your miles for activities such as filling fuel in your car, booking a hotel, and a lot more. Apart from that, you also get privileges when you join such a program. While it helps occasional travellers take advantage of the miles program, it also rewards frequent flyers by upgrading their tier or level, which leads to better benefits. Thus, join a frequent flyer program today and start earning those miles irrespective of your flying frequency.

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