What to Pack When Traveling to Play Golf


 Traveling is always an exciting adventure. Adding to the fun, are trips to play on different golf courses. Trips with family and friends that take you outdoors and reconnecting on the links create fabulous memories.

Taking time to plan your trip and carefully pack will let you focus on an enjoyable escapade. Continue reading for tips on ensuring the safety of your golf clubs including the use of driver headcovers.

  •         Golf Clubs

Certainly, your golf clubs should be on the top of your list to pack. This is a great time to check on the cleanliness of your clubs. Wet a soft cloth and wipe off any dirt or grime that is on your clubheads, shafts, and grips. It is important to perform this task often, but before packing your clubs for a trip is a good time to ensure your clubs are in good condition.

  •         Headcovers

Golf covers are effective in protecting your clubs on a daily basis. For travel, this golf accessory is a definite must on your packing list. Driver headcovers should be the first club you protect. After that, cover your irons and all the other clubs that you are taking on the trip.

Using headcovers will protect your clubs in-transit and while golfing. You do not want to be disappointed when unpacking your clubs when you reach your destination. Protecting your clubs will let you get right to the golf course and play a round.

  •         Golf Bag and Case

While it may seem obvious, you must pack a golf bag. Most golf bags are purchased with a cover. The padding in the cover and around the top of your bag will protect your clubs as they are transported. Make sure your bag is not damaged. The airline might not be willing to transport a bag with rips or broken clasps. Another concern would be trying to file any claims for mishandling of your equipment if your bag is already frayed.

For frequent travelers, you might want to invest in a hard case travel bag. Your golf bag will fit inside of this case. The wheels and handles make this easier to move through the airport and once at your destination. Many hard case travel bags have some extra room for your other golfing accessories.

  •         Golf Balls and Tees

Don’t skimp on the number of golf balls and tees that you pack. You do not want to spend your time on the new and different courses searching for a ball. Nor do you want to pay the mark-up to buy a new supply of balls at the pro shop at your destination course.

  •         Golf Clothes

Check the weather forecast at the location you are traveling to. Pack clothes that you can wear in layers. Morning rounds of golf will be cooler than the afternoons. Consider including a mix of short and long sleeve shirts. Even if the forecast is for sunny skies, add in a rain jacket – just in case. Extra socks are always a plus!

Have a great trip!



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