What to Highlight When Marketing your Rental Property to Millennials


Millennials in Pasadena are willing to spend more money on what they want, including their living space. As a rental property owner, they are one of the groups you want to attract. To make your property appealing to millennials, you should focus on the following when marketing your property:

Convenience in Amenities

Millennials want convenience at their fingertips. They search for products and services online through their smartphones. For you, this means making amenities like swimming pools, exercise rooms, laundry services, and security services accessible. If you provide high-end services such as laundry pickups and deliveries, ensure you make this clear. You can hire an expert in property management in Pasadena, CA to market these conveniences for you. 

Curb Appeal

Improving the look of your lawn and landscaping will make your property more upscale. If you want to make a great first impression, consider having a well-trimmed lawn and flowerbeds that features a variety of flowers. Offer lawn maintenance so renters know they will not worry about maintaining the yard. 


The majority of millennials want to stay in a place where their fur friends are welcome. To this age group, their pets are family members. Ensure your yard is pet-friendly and has enough space for pets to run and play. When marketing your property, highlight the shade trees in your yard and nearby parks where dogs would like walking. 


A lot of millennials don’t have cars and depend on ride-sharing services and bus routes. When you market your rental property, emphasize that there is access to bus routes, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars. Make a website that lists the reasons why they must rent from you and include maps to local places. Also, you can display the value of your location on social media, which is where most millennials are present regularly. 

Outdoor Space for Entertaining

If you have a property manager, they will surely highlight the benefits of your outdoor space. Millennials want a place to de-stress when they come home. Consider separating the yard into space for pets and outdoor space for entertaining. Shrubs can be grown to divide the yard. Make sure there is comfortable seating around a fire pit and cooking area. 

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