What Kind Of Jeans Looks Best On Guys?

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Size, cut, morphology, brands, colours, and finishes, so many elements can make your jeans’ choice complicated, even chaotic. And yet, there is nothing better than comfortable jeans that you feel comfortable and comfortable in.

The advantage of jeans lies in the fact that they can be worn in many circumstances, and it is for this reason, the latter holds an important place in the male wardrobe. So, one wonders why it is so difficult for many men to find jeans that suit them.

Faced with this thorny question, the reasons can be multiple, and we will endeavour in this article to remove all doubts on this subject.

Why Is The Fit Of Jeans So Essential To Check?

Your body shape is the first criteria in deciding whether or not to buy jeans. Therefore, you need to know whether the cut of the jeans will match your body shape.

What Jeans To Wear For A Thin Man?

Thin and tall men have an ectomorph body; it is often difficult for these men to gain weight.

Our advice:  We recommend straight-cut jeans and slim jeans with a low rise.

We advise against:  We do not order jeans too wide and baggies that will be much too loose for you. Likewise, we also do not advise you to buy super skinny pants, which will make you feel skinny. Finally, forget about high-waisted jeans if you have a flat butt.

Which Jeans To Choose For An Athletic Man?

We call athletic men gentlemen who spend time in sports activities, slim waist, and muscular legs and buttocks.

Our advice: Straight cut, slim and relaxed jeans are good options for athletic men. Low-rise jeans will look better on you than high-rise jeans. Choose jeans with small pockets to highlight your muscular buttocks.

We advise against: It would be best if you did not buy loose jeans; they will tend to hide the shape of your body, which would be a shame. Avoid wide pant bottoms, which could be out of harmony with the rest of your body.

What Jeans To Wear For A Muscular Man?

Men with solid muscles have very developed shoulders, so choosing the fitting jeans is essential for this body type.

Our advice:  We recommend wide jeans at the ankle openings of your jeans when you get to where to buy men jeans. Therefore, it would be best to choose jeans with a “Relaxed” and “Regular” cut.

We do not recommend: “Skinny” and “Slim” jeans are strongly discouraged, as they will tend to disproportionate the top of your shoulders with your large stature and the bottom, which will give the feeling of tiny “legs.” Bootcut jeans are not recommended either, as they will make you feel weighed down.

Which Jeans To Choose For A Man With Wide Hips?

We will now see the jeans that we recommend for men with wide hips.

Our advice: With this morphology, we recommend that you use “relaxed,” “loose,” and “regular” jeans because they will allow you, because of their amplitudes at the level of the legs, to harmonize your body. In addition, high-waisted jeans are often an excellent initiative for men with wide hips.

We advise against: Avoid “slim” or “skinny” jeans, which will make your silhouette look disharmonious. Likewise, forget about low-rise jeans which will only be used to accentuate the width of your hips.

What Jeans To Wear For Curvy Men?

Finally, here are the jeans we recommend for curvy men.

Our advice: Loose-fit jeans are the best options for curvy men. We recommend the “loose” and “relaxed” cuts.

We do not recommend: You should forget about tight jeans type “slim” or “skinny.” These two cuts will give the feeling of putting on weight by accentuating the disproportion between the upper and lower body.

What Colours To Choose For Your Jeans?

Jeans are one of the most popular clothes in the men’s wardrobe, to give your wardrobe a bit of cheerfulness, we recommend coloured jeans when doing your online dress shopping. Now we will introduce you to everything you need to know about jeans colours.

  • Classic blue jeans: blue jeans are by far the most common in the men’s wardrobe. It adapts to a lot of outfits and remains a pass everywhere without lack of taste. In the same vein, you can also choose faded blue jeans with light and dark shades. This is an alternative that changes the uniform blue jeans a bit.
  • Light washed jeans: Perfect in all seasons, light-washed jeans go perfectly with dark tops.
  • Dark faded jeans: These jeans should be a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Why? Because dark faded jeans go with all types of coloured tops or not. A black outfit can be considered to create a minimalist style.
  • Black jeans: Effortless to combine, black jeans will guarantee you class without excessive formalism.
  • White jeans: Regularly shunned by men because they are too messy and too dangerous from a style point of view, they should nevertheless appear in your wardrobe because they bring a lot to the affirmation of a style.
  • Brown jeans: Enough goes everywhere; brown jeans will combine relatively easily. A good reason to try it.
  • Bordeaux jeans: We do not recommend Bordeaux jeans if you are new to your style. These are great jeans that will make you stand out from the crowd if you know how to pair them correctly.

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